My work in a Manhatten apartment!

Wave Art and Furniture Inspired by the Ocean

Mark creates bespoke wall art and furniture inspired by the beautiful places where land and ocean meet. Much of his work is commissioned to evoke the places most special to his clients. These can be surf spots, stretches of coastline, estuaries or islands; anywhere in the world; the island where you got married, your favourite holiday destination, your favourite wave or sailing spot.

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Wooden Art

Mark’s wave art is a unique interpretation of the interface between land and sea; the place where ocean swells are refracted and shaped by the seabed before they break and expire on the shoreline, crafted from a variety of beautiful hardwoods sourced here in Cornwall.

Wooden Art

Wood and Epoxy Art

High quality casting resins representing the ocean and wave profiles, working with the selected hardwood which forms the seabed. The results evoke the emotion of walking in the shorebreak of a tropical island, or paddling out at a reef pass.

Wood and Epoxy Art

Coffee Tables

Waves carved from Epoxy resin or from the wood itself are added to give the feel that waves are breaking on the “reef” that is the table. Bases or legs can be produced in steel, stainless steel of joinery to suit your needs.

Bespoke Coffee Tables

Special Pieces

Mark offers a range of special smaller pieces, including chopping boards with waves (very useful for directing your onions into the pan!) or with bespoke engravings, driftwood signs and other special pieces produced by a start of the art CNC machine and 3D design software.

Special Pieces and bespoke Designs